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Benefits of Living in Weston MA

Beautiful Luxury Home in Weston MAThe suburban life in Weston is quite unique. Sure, some neighborhoods in Massachusetts are pretty remarkable, but Weston is exceptionally hard to match. This upscale neighborhood features a quiet and relaxed atmosphere and is considered one of the best places to raise a family in the country.

With many city-dwellers seeking to put down permanent roots in the suburbs, the question remains, is the peaceful and quiet lifestyle all the suburbs offer? Here are a few of the things that make Weston, MA stand out!

Free Parking in Town

Imagine that! This is virtually unheard of, imagine a town where you don't have to worry about getting your car towed away because of unauthorized parking. The Weston Park and Ride lot is open 24/7 and features about 100 parking spaces and the parking is free! 

You Have a Backyard That You Can Convert Into Anything

Thanks to the abundance of space, most houses in this Boston suburb have expansive backyards. You can start a vegetable garden if you wish to or set up a bouncing castle or trampoline for your kids. Big backyards also present you with an opportunity to grow when the time comes. For instance, you might need to make an addition to your house or build an outdoor deck for a seating area. The big backyard space can come in handy when gathering with friends and family.

A Sense of Togetherness and Community

A walk through the town center will give you that feeling of togetherness you often won't see in other places. Most residents in Weston are friendly and will make great neighbors. A rare sense of connection exists in the community here, and you're most likely to enjoy many of the community events and programs in place.

The Peace and Quiet

Of course, the suburbs are inherently quieter and more peaceful than the city. Even with the vibrant social scene, Weston is still a very laid-back and quiet neighborhood. The peacefulness here is almost dreamlike, you will love it!

You Get to Enjoy Open Space

Weston, MA features almost 2,000 acres of conservational land and over 90 miles of off-road trails. These areas are open to the public for passive recreation and enjoyment. Weston also has a lot of wildlife! Whether you like to hike, jog, or bike, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do all these things and more.

Taking Your Dog for a Walk is Easier

First off, Weston is a pet-friendly neighborhood with many dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, and activities. Unlike the city where you have to hold onto the leash to avoid the danger of your dog running off and getting hit by a car, the large natural spaces in Weston, MA, will allow your dog to run free and enjoy the feeling of being outside. Plus, walks in the open spaces can be therapeutic for you and your dog.

These are just a few of the benefits of living in Weston, MA. If you're thinking of moving here, we can fill you in on more of the benefits and details not listed here. Contact us to have any of your questions answered. You may also be interested in browsing current homes for sale in Weston.

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