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What's It Like to Live in Newton MA?

Nahanton Park in Newton MANewton is easily one of the best Boston suburbs to live in. It’s located in Middlesex County, with a population of around 88,000 people. This bustling little town has a unique suburban feel with a good quality of life, great parks, and incredible outdoor spots.

What's more, Newton, MA has been ranked on multiple lists as of the safest and best places to live in the state and country. So if you're looking for a safe and steady place to relocate and settle, then Newton might just be the place for you. 

Here's what it's like to live in Newton, MA.

The Cost of Living

Newton has a favorable cost of living compared to other suburban towns. It's not exactly cheap, but it's right on edge. All the same, you should expect to save some bucks compared to other places. The houses too are comparatively less expensive compared to other major city suburbs, and most people looking to relocate to Newton tend to purchase their homes as opposed to renting. 

The Community Feeling in the Villages

Newton has thirteen beautiful villages filled with breathtaking sceneries and amazing communities. These villages at the heart of Newton are hubs for entertainment, shopping, socialization, among other things. Living here will allow you to interact with many people, and you'll appreciate the feeling of togetherness shared by the residents.

Temperate Summers and Enough Inches of Snow

Living in Newton, MA, will enable you to enjoy some cool temperatures even when the sun is scorching hot in other parts of the country. That's because it is right next to the sea and the Charleston River.

The summers here are primarily temperate, and temperatures rarely go past 83 degrees. That means you won't have to suffer under the heat stress common in other parts of the country during the summer. Besides that, the area experiences on average 53 inches of snow annually, which means you'll still enjoy various snow activities when winter rolls in.

You Have a Better Chance of Getting a Job

Newton is close to Boston, which is one of the key reasons many recent graduates and professionals move into this area instead of other city suburbs. Similarly, Newton has many education centers, tech firms, and other businesses, so it's relatively easy to land a job. With a median income of $ 127,000, the wages in Newton are manageable for most families. 

Your Kids Will Get Incredible Schools

Many families are attracted by the prospect of moving to Newton because of the commendable schools in this area. Newton has some of the highest-rated public schools in the state. Private schools are also plentiful, with Brimmer and May School acting as the shining examples of what Newton has to offer in terms of great schools.

Final Thoughts

Newton, MA is more than just a suburb; it's a great place to live, especially for people looking for a quiet, active, outdoorsy suburb to call home. If you're sold on the plan to move to Newton and need to buy a home, consider Luxury Residential Group. Our experience in the Boston suburbs' real estate market is unmatched, and we will help you get your dream home, so connect with an agent today! You may also like to browse current listings in Newton.

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